Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love Stories

 I hope that you are celebrating your own love story today. After nearly 25 years, Hugh has gifted me with red roses and a cherry pie. Perfection! Snow is expected later today and I will be cooking up some steak au poivre from my favorite little cook book by Susan Branch.
Something to look forward to in March: Lily James, Lady Rose from Downton Abbey, is Cinderella in the new Disney interpretation directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Disney website here
Glamour UK review here


  1. How lovely! Can't wait to see Cinderella. Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's day!

  2. Lady Rose will be so good in that role..She is ethereally pretty:)
    I live the boo..the roses and the PIE..How cute is that?♥

  3. Gotta love a man that knows I need cherry pie!


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