Monday, February 9, 2015

Winter Dining

Nick and Toni's East Hampton
We had a lovely dinner with out-of-town friends at Nick and Toni's in East Hampton. The restaurant is reliably open for business year round and draws a crowd of loyal fans. We were having too much fun for food photography, so I went to the Nick and Toni's website searching for photos. I was delighted to discover the multitalented photographer for the restaurant's website,  author and photographer Ken Robbins.
Still Life by Ken Robbins 
image via
Food for Thought by Ken Robbins
Red Rose by Ken Robbins
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The Black Umbrella by Ken Robbins
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en plein air by Ken Robbins
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Twilight Sail by Ken Robbins
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The Hamptons Suite by Ken Robbins
Ken Robbins books here
Website here

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  1. Looks so pretty w/ the snow and lights..
    I love En plein air and The black umbrella.


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