Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Anastasia Casale: Sag Harbor Florist

Anastasia Casale has transformed a Bay Street brownstone into a floral oasis. Sag Harbor Florist is filled with gorgeous flowers, plants and accessories. A visit there is a required retreat from the winter chill.
The colorful flowers are eye candy. The plant scented air a tonic. 
Quince blossom boughs remind that spring will come.
The orchid room also holds an armoire filled with Anastasia's Flowers soaps, candles and home scents.
At the back of the shop is the skylit studio where Anastasia Casale performs her floral artistry. On this February Saturday, Casale was composing centerpieces for a multi-table birthday party while alternately consulting with three brides. Go here to see photos of previous weddings and events.
I first met Anastasia Casale while she was teaching a floral design workshop outdoors at Madoo. Afterwards, as she raced off to a bridal consultation, I remember thinking that she must be the busiest woman in flowers. Either that or floral design on the East end is a much more demanding job than I had envisioned. Probably both! Great florists and sushi restaurants are both the ones that are in strong demand.
This thought was reconfirmed as I watched Anastasia and her co-designer Ashley coordinate the floral designs for the weekend's events while attending to the walk in business. A request for a delivery that afternoon of a dozen roses did not faze. In February! Restaurants and stores in the Hamptons close in February, not Sag Harbor Florist.
In season, Casale grows much of the plant materials for the shop on her own property. Freshly picked viburnum, lilac, peony and hydrangea among others highlight many of the lovely long lasting arrangements. When Casale's garden isn't blooming she utilizes her relationships with the local farm community to acquire beautiful and unusual plant materials. The shop was filled with blooms.
I should have asked Anastasia to look up so that you could see her lovely smile! Next time. 
Sag Harbor Florist is also at the Topping Rose farmers market in Bridgehampton on every third Saturday from 11:00 til 2:00 p.m. 
Sag Harbor Florist 
3 Bay Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
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  1. We have a buiding right here that looks so similar:)Old towns..love the charm..I am dying for ranunculus..and are those sweetpeas? What a treat in March..The topiaries are beautiful..I can actually feel the store Gail..the worn wood floors the brick..so much atmosphere.
    What a lovely store.

    1. Yes, sweet peas! She had forsythia branches also, my photos of them didn't turn out. So lovely and such nice people.

  2. This post has definitely put me in the mood for spring! Just beautiful!

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