Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Training

Frida Khalo's Rookie Card by Jennie Cooley
Acrylic on Canvas 14" x 11"
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Kathryn Markel Fine Arts Gallery is hosting a Popup Art Show from now until March 29th to benefit Artists and Writers Softball Game Charities. The East End Hospice, Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center, The Retreat, and Phoenix House Academy of Long Island will all be beneficiaries of proceeds of the sales of works shown.
2nd Base by Patton Miller 2015
Oil on Paper 15" x 17"
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The Artists and Writers Charity Softball Game, which had its beginnings in 1948, is held every August. This year's game is scheduled for August 15th at Herrick Park in East Hampton.
This first Spring Training show is curated by Ronnette Riley, an Artists and Writers board member and artist softball player. She coordinated the show with the help of fellow committee members Elena Prohaska Glynn and Alison Milano. Wonderful idea! Why wait until August to celebrate the camaraderie of the game and fund raising for our community. I'm thinking about a Writer's poetry slam as a possible next chapter in their book of good work. 
Waiting for Spring, 2015 by Geoffrey Stein
Acrylic and Collage Material from New York Times, 18" x 24"
Contract by Charles Waller
Ink and Pencil on Vellum 8" x 9"
A number of the baseball themed works were created specifically for this show, but works were not required to have a particular theme. The equestrienne themed pieces remind me that Bridgehampton is also the home of a world renown polo team.
Study for the 2057 Artists-Writers T-shirt by Eric Ernst
4 Color Archival Ink on PVC
20" in Diameter
Day Dreaming in Right Field by Leila Pinto
Painted Collage on Canvas 24" x 18"
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Collision, 2014 by Richard Sullivan
Watercolor 24" x 36"
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Sinkers by Kryn Olson
Acrylic and Mixed Medium on Canvas 40" x 40"
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Go here for the Paddle8 auction
Not all of the pieces in the show are on Paddle8 (yet?)
Visit Kathryn Markel Fine Arts Gallery and see them all.
Ump by David Geiser
Oil, Varnish, Gold Leaf on Board, 48" x 38"
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Artists and Writers: They Played in the Game Hamptons Art Hub here
AW Slideshow for Guild Hall 2013 from Brandman Entertainment on Vimeo.
Thanks to the artists, writers and volunteers contributing to this community event.  Thank you to Kathryn Markel Gallery for being its gracious host.


  1. I love the Richard Sullivan one.I Googled him..what sports and in art.How blessed is he..

    1. Thanks for mentioning that... I added a link to his (and other artists) name so that it is easier to read more about them.


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