Sunday, April 12, 2015

Golden Eagle Art

Golden Eagle is the primary resource for artist supplies in the Hamptons. Located on Newtown Lane in East Hampton, it is easily accessible on foot if you are running errands in downtown East Hampton. It is also across the street from the Middle School which has inspired them to carry a great inventory of beginning artist materials. Golden Eagle is my go to spot for oil paint, brush soap, and prepared canvas. Every visit encourages the artistic muse.
Plenty of watercolor and acrylic paint choices.
Golden Eagle also exhibits work by local artists and artisans.
Paintings above by Eric Freeman
Jewelry by Veronica Mezzina
Dove and Heart (below) by Michael Weisman
 Sculpted creatures by Scott Gibbons
A kid's easel leads you to a paradise of markers, chalk and creative kits.
Plenty of ingredients for projects yet untried.
Fin Jewelry by Montauk artisan Bella Ornaf
Gamblin, Holbein and Williamsburg oil paint.
Paintings above by Eric Freeman
Watercolor and oil brushes
Above right paintings by Nancy Rowan
Golden Eagle is kindly coordinating the artist donations of 5" x 7" mini-masterpieces for the Springs School Mystery Art Sale.  I dropped off my envelope with paintings inside. Go here to find out more about the fundraiser. Art works by professional artists and students are all sold anonymously to raise money for the Springs School art program. Each 5" x 7" work of art is offered for sale for a mere $20. The sale begins Wednesday, April 29 and continues through Saturday, May 2 with a reception that afternoon. The reception on Saturday, is from 3:00 - 5:00 includes a live auction and the big reveal of who painted what.
Paintings in the window by Andy Piver
You can usually park right out front.
79 Newtown Lane
P.O. Box 5075
East Hampton, New York 11837

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