Thursday, May 14, 2015

Artist Studios

Artist studios fascinate me.  A home offers a look into private life. A studio offers a glimpse into an artist's creative life.  I always look forward to a chance to visit an artist in their studio. Studio images offer clues to the artist's methods and interests.A favorite book on this topic is Studios by the Sea, a 2002 book by Bob Colacello and Jonathan Becker featuring East End artists from Southampton to Montauk.
The photograph below of Robert Dash from Studios by the Sea gives a glimpse into the studio that Dash inhabited within his intricately composed garden. The garden, Madoo, is open to the public, a living growing tribute to Robert Dash's creativity. Madoo is currently open Fridays and Saturdays. Check their web site for special events.
Robert Dash in his studio at Madoo
Photograph by Jonathan Becker 2002
Robert Dash at Madoo
Photograph by Brent Sterling Nemetz 2009 via
Artist Gail Toma's studio is in a moss covered garden shed.
I visited Gail Toma's' studio in Southampton last June. Her home and studio are both filled with her paintings, designs and fashion work.
Gail Toma
I could spend entirely too much time looking at images of studios on Pinterest. A few of the images below were found there.
Amy Bouse studio
Photograph by Amy Bouse 2012 via
Claire Basler is an artist discovered on Pinterest. 
Just gorgeous.
Claire Basler in her studio
Photograph by Mads Mogensen via
Elle Décor October 19, 2012
Claire Basler's Studio
William Merritt Chase had the best of both worlds. Summer in Shinnecock and a winter studio which doubled as a salon on Manhattan's 10th street. Photos and William Merritt Chase’s own paintings attest to its opulence.
William Merritt Chase, 10th Street Studio c.1880
Photograph by George Collins Cox
Smithsonian Institution via
A Corner of My Studio, c.1895 William Merritt Chase
de Young Museum
The vintage carpets in Jacqueline Rufus-Isaacs studio add just the right "Chase-ian" touch.
Jacqueline Rufus-Isaacs Studio
Photograph by Sarah Hogan via
UK House and Garden September 2014
Jacqueline Rufus-Isaacs Studio
Photograph by Sarah Hogan via
UK House and Garden September 2014
Hugh and I are fortunate to have a painting studio which we share. The wooden easels are near each other in the center of the room. Everything else rotates around them. On the wooden easel above, is a painting of short beach that Hugh is working on. On the easel below, my Potato Fields currently hanging in the Guild Hall show next to a sailboat plein air from last summer.
Across from my wooden easel is a metal easel and still life set up area. Two stools on top of each other bring set ups to eye level. The arrangement below has been in progress this winter. 
I took a break to paint a view of the right hand corner of the set up for the Springs Mystery Art sale.
Apple for an Art Teacher by Gail Gallagher
oil on canvas 5" x 7"
 My winter months are spent painting indoors and dreaming of studio projects. Once summer arrives all is forgotten as I carry the easel outdoors to paint en plein air. 


  1. I loveyours and my almost 30 yrs as a realtor..I lingered when studios were involved..from a barn personal home ones..I loved looking at the brushes..the palettes..the paints the work.
    You are both so talented and so so well suited for each other.
    Someone should write a book about you..
    WE are watching a series on Netflix..Grace and Frankie..Frankie's studio is dear..:)

  2. It's raining here today. A good day do work on my "something in a floral" painting before the apples get REALLY bad ;)


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