Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bermudian Blue

Hugh and I honeymooned in Bermuda. 
We returned to celebrate a significant anniversary.
The weather was dramatic. 
High winds, constantly changing cloudscapes.
 Drop dead gorgeous.
The dramatic shoreline inspires Hugh's painting.
The Reefs by Hugh Gallagher
Coral sand like talcum powder.
Pink and white beach umbrellas a gorgeous counterpoint to the blue.
Inspiring my watercolor umbrella study.
A bridal party on the beach.
Turquoise bermuda shorts and pink sheath dresses.
A painting in the hotel by Rochelle
We admired it for its Bermudian yet "Glackens-esque" feel.
Looking at paintings, good idea. Let's do.
The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art is a gem hidden in Bermuda's Botanical Garden.
The current exhibition, Mythology•Mayhem•Mystery and Marketing  features objects, images and video portraying Bermuda in popular culture. Images often at cross purposes, from travel posters and paintings portraying Bermuda's beauty to movies and novels featuring mystery and disaster.
The Seas of Europa, 2010 by Graham Foster
Sculptural Mobile
Amaryllis by an Open Window, 1929 by Houghton Cranford Smith
image via
Bermuda by Clipper, 1949 by Boris Artzybasheff (1899-1965)
hand tinted lithograph
Masterworks Museum Collection
The museum also featured photographs of Bermuda shot in the early 20th century by Karl Struss. Struss first visited Bermuda in 1912 and was later hired to create a Bermuda tourism guidebook. Struss was one of the first in the field to receive an academy award for best cinematography and had a long career in both photography and film.
Waiting for the Ferry, 1912 by Karl Struss
Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth Texas
Street, St. George's 1912 by Karl Struss (1886-1981)
photograph vintage platinum print
Masterworks Museum Collection
The Masterworks Museum library is a gem within a gem.
A beautiful room with stunning views out to the Botanical Garden.
I could spend a lot of time here.
House above the Sea by Houghton Cranford Smith (1887-1983)
1912, oil on canvas, 11 1/4" x 14"
Masterworks Museum Collection
Botanical Garden view
Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art here
Karl Struss, Masterworks Museum here
Top Cinematographer Struss was Besotted with Bermuda's Beauty here
Bermudian Journey - Karl Struss here
Karl Struss, A Tripod in Two Worlds here
Bermuda Botanical Gardens here
The Reefs Resort here


  1. Happy Anniversary..what a great idea to go back!
    We went to the Bahamas:)

    Love both your piantings..what a pretty pretty place!

  2. Oh Gail, I could spend a lot of time there too! I love that library within the museum with its view of the Botanical gardens. Thanks for the photos of the Bahamas, a place I've never been. And also for sharing the art it has inspired for you and your husband. Btw, I am treasuring the little painting I have by you! Happy anniversary!


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