Monday, June 22, 2015

Conscience Point

Conscience Point national wildlife refuge is the area of shoreline where Southampton's founding settlers came ashore at the end of their journey from Lynn, Massachusetts.  According to legend, the sole woman occupant of the ship exclaimed, "For conscience' sake, we are on dry land once more." If she had sailed from Massachusetts in a ship like this she probably kissed the ground as well.
The pathway is strewn with broken clam and scallop shells.
Beautiful and practical
We were the only visitors.
North Sea Harbor.
As I was admiring the two masted ship above, I noticed to its right, flagpoles that mark property rented by the Kardashians last summer. 
I wonder if they appreciated the irony of their view.


  1. Love the idyllic far as the Ks go..I don't get it all.
    Who catapulted them to "stardom"?
    I have no interest .

    1. I know. Kind of like a rubber necking delay in the highway :)

  2. Such a pretty spot, Gail! I love walking the Hammies with you.

  3. Hope you have great weekend weather for painting


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