Sunday, June 21, 2015

Red Creek Schoolhouse

The Red Creek Schoolhouse, believed to be the oldest one room schoolhouse in Suffolk County, is situated on Southampton Historical Museum property. The schoolhouse, built circa 1850, is one of a number of historic buildings residing on museum property.  Upon entering the schoolhouse, I am drawn to a tall desk near the door. A note on the desk is held in place by the emblems of the teacher's authority, a wooden switch and a handbell. 
During the summer, the antique outbuildings are open to the public, offering a chance to step take a step back in time.
The little room transports me. I can picture the teacher standing behind the desk at the front of the classroom or walking between the rows of desks. I can imagine the student near the stove keeping one eye on the stove making sure the classroom stays warm. The well worn desk tops show the evidence of their years of good hard use. 
Southampton Historical Museum 
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  1. What times:)
    I remember all my favorite shows showing the classrooms..Little House etc..

    1. It was so tiny! They got so much done with so little. We are spoiled.

  2. What history in that school house! Every time I read your blog I want to plan a trip to the Hamptons!

    1. Sunday, I feel the same way about your posts.


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