Monday, July 6, 2015

Me and Kate

I have to thank Avenue on the Beach Magazine for this weekend's biggest surprise. Hugh and I were enjoying a typical Saturday night at home. Music on, cocktails poured, dinner preparation under way, when Hugh gave a yell from the living room couch, "Gail! Check this out!" It was the kind of shout to drop everything for. He held out an open magazine and said, "Look familiar?"
photograph of Kate Betts by Noa Griffel
Unbeknownst to me someone, I am assuming the magazine, decided that my painting would look nice with the excerpt from Kate Bett's new book, My Paris Dreams. Thank you, I am honored. 

Read the magazine article online here
Kate Betts website here
Get Kate's Book here
P.S. The painting is still available.
Photos from the day it was painted here

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  1. I just mentioned yesterday how I loved that piece..
    How wonderful to have your art showcased in such a beautiful magazine..
    Well deserved..I would be like you and feel honored..but I have a little niggling many artists..write posts about their art being used without their consent..had they asked you?
    the book sounds good..sure I would enjoy..


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