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Robyn Lea's Dinner with Jackson Pollock

HAMPTONS Magazine hosted a book signing at ArtHamptons for Robyn Lea's new book Dinner with Jackson Pollock published by Assouline. The reception included tasting some of the newly discovered recipes as prepared by Cheffe Colette that are revealed in Lea's book.
Author/Photographer, Robyn Lea (center) with Samantha Yanks (left) and Debra Halpern (right) of HAMPTONS Magazine
(L-R) Samantha Yanks (Editor-in-Chief HAMPTONS Magazine), Debra Halpert (Publisher HAMPTONS Magazine), Richard P. Friedman (President and Founder Hamptons Expo Group), Helen A. Harrison (Eugene V. and Clare E Thaw Director, Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center), Robyn Lea (author), Cheffe Colette (owner of the Inn Spot)
Recipes prepared by Cheffe Colette include:
Long Island Clam Pie
Quiche with Forest Mushrooms
Josephine Little's Hominy Puffs
Wild Forest Greens with Anchovy French Dressing
Stella's Potato Pancakes
Banana Cream Cake
photograph by Robyn Lea via
When I admire and am inspired by someone I want to know more about them. What inspires them? How do they live their life? Robyn Lea's book answers some of those questions, enhancing the trove of literature on Pollock and Krasner's life, by describing their meals and providing some of the recipes that they prepared for their friends. 
Robyn Lea's photographs accompany recreations of Pollock's collection of family recipes and compliment images of his artwork. This compilation is enhanced with family photographs and recollections. The book is one that I immediately wanted to peruse and then use. The cover is water proof. The pages, heavy paper, so that they will withstand kitchen use. The binding is heavy spiral so that it lays flat or can be propped up. Reading the book made me hungry and inspired.
photograph by Robyn Lea via
The serendipitous story of the collaboration between Robyn Lea, Helen A. Harrison, Director of the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center and various Pollock family members is one that you must get the book to discover. It is a collaboration that occurred because of the accessibility of the Pollock-Krasner House as a study center. Its extensive archive is tended by an onsite scholar. This wonderful book was brought to fruition through Robyn Lea's curiosity, talent and hunger to know more.
Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock, 1949
photo by Martha Holmes via
It was wonderful to meet Robyn Lea at the book signing. She has a busy schedule of signings and talks in the coming weeks, I highly recommend attending one. Oh, and Stella's Potato Pancakes are off the charts. I'm definitely making that recipe!

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