Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Umbrellas at the Beach

Gurney's Beach by Lois Bender
I've admired Lois Bender's work since taking a painting class with her at Bridge Gardens. We've kept in touch via email and the blogosphere. I was delighted to see her latest email with an invitation to her class and a teaser:  A painting lesson depicting umbrellas at the beach. As you may have noticed, I have recently been attempting to capture the loveliness of beach umbrellas. Using watercolor during our spring visit to Bermuda and in oil paint at Circle Beach. Lois is not only a wonderful watercolorist, she is a fantastic teacher. She has  kindly allowed me to share her painting lesson here. Her lesson makes it all look so easy. Thank you for inspiring me again Lois!
A pencil sketch, you can also add permanent magic marker for the style of black lines that stay permanent after adding watercolor... now or at the end after color is down and finished!
 FIRST wet the sky area with water,
then" charge in" or "drip" color into the water
 Push and blend color with your brush into clouds as you like them...
Paint big areas... sand and shadows...
(we are waiting for the sky to dry to paint shapes next to them..!)
Paint the sea and surf...spontaneous dabs for the surf, leaving white paper for white spray and foam. Decorate umbrellas and chairs your way. Add people! Accents: Deepen shadows, add sand, shadows. The grass "Flick" strokes. Add sky accents or reshape clouds. Keep "accidents" you like! Retouch what you don't! 
(All instructions in italics above by Lois Bender, all images by Louis Bender)

Lois will be teaching this Friday, July 31 at Bridge Gardens as well as Friday August 7, 14, 21, 28 and September 4th from 10:30 am - 1:30 pm 
36 Mitchell Lane
Class is $45
payable at the start of the class
RSVP via email

Lois Bender
Nature, Gardens, Art Journeys 

201 East 83 St., New York NY 10028
212 249 6225   /   917 282 5930  cell


Lois has a lovely blog. Visit to read about her recent trip to paint in Paris and Giverney as well as a lovely article about the healing power of art and art journaling and much more.
Thank you Lois!


  1. I love this post!
    Gurney's Beach and the tutorial..I have a new DS color arriving soon..I know we are supposed to mix our colors but I bought Ultramarine Turquoise..hoping it would help with my beach scenes last week.
    I enjoyed doing this Gail.Thanks so much to you and Lois.

  2. Gail, what a wonderful post! I loved learning some of the techniques you used to arrive at your beautiful painting! I am off to look at Lois' blog! Hope you are having a fabulous summer in the Hamptons!
    xx Sunday

  3. If I have any of these techniques it is only thanks to Lois's teaching!


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