Sunday, August 30, 2015

Artist Appreciation

I was lately made aware and asked to celebrate August's Artist Appreciation Month by Patience Brewster. Massachusetts artist Patience Brewster creates and produces lovely illustrations, ornaments, figures, and stationary through her family owned company. Besides their talent and creativity, you can tell that they are nice people. They got me thinking about my own artistic inspirations.
Vineyard Harvest Fairy by Patience Brewster
The list of artists that inspire me is a long one, but inspiration began at home. I was lucky to be nurtured by creative women. While many artists inspire me on a day to day basis, it was my Mom and Grandma along with other women in my family that started me on this pathway and continue to encourage me to this day.
Four generations:
Front row: great Grandmas Anna and Rhoda (holding me)
Back row: Grandma Ruth and Mom
My parents left us kids with Grandpa and Grandma for a couple of weeks each summer. My grandparents had a dairy farm. We had a blast looking for new kitties, feeding the cows morning buckets of oats, exploring the pasture. My Grandpa let us convert one of the old sheds into a club house which we painted with sage green milk paint. Under the iron framed bed in my Mom's old room were my Grandma's art projects. She made mosaics on plywood with seeds. There was also one that she had made utilizing old costume jewelry. I don't know what ever happened to these folk art creations, but a recent show at the Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum had a work by Alfonso Ossorio that brought me back to the moment I discovered Grandma's art under the bed. Grandma! You were ahead of your time.
Blue Dancer (close up) by Alfonso Ossorio
mixed media on panel, 1962
Marla, Gail, Jill and Carol
Mom sewed most of my clothes until I was skilled enough to make my own. In the photo above I am wearing one of my favorite "twirly" dresses. I was probably around 5 years old and dresses that ballooned out while twirling in circles were my favorites. Mom indulged my need for twirly-ness. These little girls had the best times ever.
Mom now expresses herself artistically through her quilting. Above are a few examples of smaller works, her quilted table toppers. I love them! Mom, look how pretty they look. We have other quilt artists in the family. My aunt Sandy and cousin Barbara are both master quilters. We are all inspired by my cousin Roxann. She is retired from the business of art, but still lives an artful life.

My Mom always says that I get my artistic talent from my Dad. He sketched and drew birds and was also an avid nature photographer. Mom, I got it from you too! I am so lucky to have had so many wonderful creative people in my life. I am also fortunate to have a family that encourages artistic expression. Most of all I am grateful to have a husband that shares my love of art. 


  1. This is such a tender post! and Gail are soo lucky to have each other..lovely tribute!
    I loved my twirly dresses too;)

  2. This my favorite of your many
    wonderful blog entrées .

  3. How sweet, always great to have inspiring & artistic women in your life xxoo


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