Sunday, September 6, 2015

Beach Plum Harvest

I returned to Long Beach to harvest beach plums.
I had marked their place in spring.
Spring beach plum blooms.
There was plenty of low hanging fruit.
I picked a gallon zip lock bag full,
Shakespeare Bowl by Roxann Sorenson
Harp on it still shall I till heartstrings break - Richard III
I decided to try and make jam for the first time ever. What equipment did I need? Where do I find it in the Hamptons? Herrick Hardware in Southampton had the jam jars and food mill that I needed. I googled up a recipe and went to work. Messy job, but I did it! Right now eight hot jars of beach plum byproduct are cooling on my counter top. The substance inside still looks runny and hardly like a jam. I hope by tomorrow it looks more promising. 


  1. Well done, Gail! It's amazing that those plums grow on the beach, we have a native that grows in the bush. Do the beach plums taste like regular plums?

    1. I ate one while I was out picking and it was pretty sour. I think it is only because they look like mini plums.

  2. What a find!
    The look gorgeous.
    I bet it will be delicious.runnier jam is favoured here instead of jelly types.
    Your jars and bowl works of art.
    What fun Gail.
    Now you can paint your beautiful jars!

    1. Batch #1 was syrup. Batch #2 was success! I never knew how much SUGAR is in jam. Now that I have all of the supplies I'll have to do this again.


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