Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hugh's Book

As a birthday surprise, I made a preliminary raison d'être for Hugh.  He is often showing photos of paintings to friends on his cell phone. I thought that he should have something more substantial. Monique at the beautiful blog La Table de Nana mentioned using Artisan State to make a book for her grandson. Artisan State (neither one of us has been paid to reccommend them) looked like it would be easy to use. I went to the studio when Hugh was out, took photos of his paintings with my iPhone, dropped them into the Artisan State template (I used Little Black Book 5" x 7") and ordered. The finished product arrived soon thereafter and I love how it turned out.
See below for the embed version of the book (you will need adobe flash) or via link. Many of the paintings that I photographed are not considered DONE by him yet, I think they are all beautiful examples of the wonderful work he has been doing. I am so proud of him. 


  1. Gail, that is wonderful! Hugh will be thrilled to see his clever paintings in a book. A wonderful gift.

  2. It looks great G! Happy Belated to Hugh! Xxoo

  3. I love your book..such a thoughtful gesture..and so well done.
    Heartfelt're such a great couple!

  4. Gail, this is amazing. I loved seeing his works all compiled together. They are amazing works and I loved so many of them that I've decided, he needs to have a gallery exhibition.

  5. Beautiful ..loving the city paintings


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