Monday, September 28, 2015

Web Mastering for Dummies

We finally have web sites for our art!

Hugh Gallagher paintings here
Egypt Beach by Hugh Gallagher

Gail Gallagher paintings here
Dering Harbor by Gail Gallagher

Hugh has been painting full time since his retirement, two years now. Time has flown! When painting en plein air he is often asked about a web site. "Working on it" has been his reply. I am the techie of our family so he has been waiting for me to get busy. (I know, we could have hired someone, but I just knew that I could figure it out.) After previewing various hosting sites, I discovered Fine Art Studio Online. FASO is extraordinarily easy to use. When uploading images of your art it takes you through a checklist to categorize and catalogue each piece. Instant web site, easy peasy. While doing this I realized that I am a very bad record keeper. Photos of my art with no date, no dimensions, Bad! So I am now determined to 1) Keep better records 2) Create more art!

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