Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Louise is a Louse

Hugh and I went in search of a better view of the water glimpsed across from Ashawagh Hall. Looking at my map, "Louise Point Town Beach" seemed the place to explore.
Well, well. It looks like my map has a spelling error.
Louse Point - A sandy peninsula enclosing East Hampton's Accabonac Harbor. According to one source, the name originated after fisherman from Connecticut caught so few fish that someone proclaimed that there were not enough fish caught to feed a louse. - South Fork Place Names by William P. Mulvihill
Louse Point may not be a great place to fish, but it will definitely be a superb spot to paint en plein air. It also looks pretty fabulous for swimming, kayaking, stand up paddle board and sun bathing. 
 Not a lousy spot at all. We'll be back.
Along the way, we passed the historic general store where Jackson Pollock once traded paintings for groceries.
Inspiration around every turn, what a beautiful weekend!

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