Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stormy Seas

Hurricane Joaquin has blown out to sea, but has been supplanted by a pounding Nor'easter. Heavy mist-filled wind and cool temperatures keep me indoors. Perfect weather for curling up with a good book. I recently read The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning. I enjoyed it so much that I ordered two of the non fiction books Powning listed as resources for her novel, Seafaring Women by David Cordingly and Hen Frigates by Joan Druett.
Set in the 1860s, The Sea Captain's Wife is the story of a young Canadian woman who marries an older man, the Captain of a merchant ship. It is her wish, not his, to accompany him on his seafaring journeys. The life aboard ship is richly described and there are plenty of adventures, good and bad, along the way. The voyage of the protagonist's heart and maturing of her relationship with her husband through these trials is woven throughout. 
Standing near the ocean at Cryder's Beach, the dangerous beauty and whipping wind made me think of the intrepid souls who live life at the mercy of the unpredictable sea. 
Tempest Tossed by Michael A. Butler
Acrylic on Canvas 10" x 8"
In Sag Harbor the high winds were whipping. Two ships had slipped their moorings and been driven by the wind over to the North Haven shore. At secret beach, the water had risen above the spot where we paint en plein air. A ship lay on its side at the shore.
During the trials of her voyage, the Sea Captain's Wife second guesses her choice to go to sea instead of staying safe in a fine Bay of Fundy home. She grows to realize that her home is where her family is. At sea or on land. Home is where the heart is.
A Whale-Built House by Michael A. Butler
Acrylic on Canvas 10" x 8"
Michael A. Butler's paintings are currently on exhibit at the Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum along with the work of Barbara Hadden. They are both generously donating half of art sale proceeds to the museum.

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