Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fairview Farm at Mecox Bay

It was a beautiful day for a visit to Fairview Farm.
My initial discovery of Fairview Farm was through the eyes of Plein Air Peconic painters.
Mecox Bay Dairy by Gordon Matheson
Mecox Farm Girls by Aubrey Grainger
I was excited to see the Jersey cows at Fairview Farm. Watching them brought back fond memories of my grandparent's farm in Villard, Minnesota.
The cows began trotting back and forth across the field.
The word gamboling came to mind.
Ludlow Farm Truck by Aubrey Grainger
I will return with easel and paints.
The Maize Maze is an east end tradition.
The eight acre maze opens for exploring in September.
Maze view from above via
Still plenty of pumpkins available for your Fall display.
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The Farm Stand has everything that you need.
I couldn't leave without some of Mecox Bay Dairy's cheese.
My slice was much bigger slice than this.
Harry Ludlow, farmer and much more.
Mecox Sunflowers by Susan D'Alessio
The fields end at Mecox Bay. 
Whalers became farmers.
  • In 1865, nine whaling ships were fired on by the Confederate steamer "Shenandoah". Capt. Jeremiah Ludlow of Bridgehampton lost his ship, the "Isaac Howland". The affair was a ghastly tragedy, for Capt. Ludlow when taken aboard the "Shenandoah" begged Capt. Wardell to spare the fleet as the war was over, and showed him papers telling of the surrender of Lee. But Capt. Wardell called them "Yankee lies" and ordered the destruction of the fleet. Capt. Jeremiah Ludlow's description of the scene chills the blood. Nine great whaling ships, full of oil, the very wooden framework soaked with oil, became "great forks of flame, blood red, tipped with pitchy smoke...around the doomed craft the very sea burned." Others in Bridgehampton involved in the nine-ship fleet were Capt. Benjamin Halsey and Gurden Pierson Ludlow. via
Fairview Farm website here
19 Horsemill Ln, Bridgehampton, NY 11932
(631) 537-6154
On Good Land: The Innovative Ludlow Brothers Edible East End article


  1. I would love to visit this farm. I love how you first knew of it through art. You live in such a lovely part of the world!

  2. It is so lovely.I love bucolic scenes.. cows:)..old trucks..
    I agree do live in such a very pretty place:)I hope you do go back and paint..

    The maze is fantastic..I think I would be I have no sense of direction!
    Can't wait to see what you chose to paint..

  3. I definitely have to go back when I have time for the maze. It is huge! As for painting subjects, there were many. definitely a beautiful spot.

  4. Looks like a wonderful place! So much inspiration! Can't wait to see what you and Hugh paint when you go back with your painting gear!


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