Sunday, November 29, 2015

House Tour, Moran Studio and a Surprise

Mantle in the Thomas Moran Studio
Thomas Moran Studio
Thomas Moran's House by Theodore Wores
Hugh and I attended the East Hampton Historical Society House and Garden Tour on Saturday. I was especially excited to see the progress made on one particular home on the tour, the Thomas Moran Studio. The renovation of the Moran home and studio, originally built in 1884, is expected to be completed within the next year. You can see a step by step diary of the restoration here. I can't wait to visit when renovations have been completed. I wonder if the garden will also be restored to the gloriousness depicted in Theodore Wore's painting above. There were NO PHOTOGRAPHS allowed on the tour, but I didn't think anyone would mind me showing you the Moran studio. The fund raising tour is each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Highly recommended. 
It was fun to glimpse inside each East Hampton home.
It was also fun to see the other people on the house tour.
Elegant house tourist.
We were leaving House #1 driving along Ocean Ave. in East Hampton when I yelled, "Stop! There's a Tanster! Just let me out here." Luckily no one was behind us on the road. Hugh did a "U-ey" and pulled into an estate driveway. I hopped out for a closer look. Me: "It IS a Tanster!" Hugh:"Why don't you leave it there for other people to enjoy." Me: "No, you take them and make a donations to the Southampton Hospital... and it's raining..." All while detaching the painting from the tree in front of someone's house, feeling rather furtive.
Atlas at Rockefeller Center by The Tanster 
To donate to the coalition for women's cancers at Southampton Hospital.

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  1. Wow! I love the oil painting of the estate..and that you FOUND the treasure.
    Interesting to Google Tanster...


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