Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ships at Rest

Ships at the Sag Harbor Yacht Yard.
I don't often travel the he stretch of road along Bay Street where the boatyard is located. I had forgotten the angular beauty of a ship with her keel fully exposed.
Sag Harbor Boat Yard by Ben Fenske
oil on canvas 24 3/4" x 35 3/4"
Sag Harbor Yacht Club by Marc Dalessio
oil 10" x 14"
At the marina, a hound in a red neoprene vest was attempting to get a closer look at mallards swimming there. 
Further down Bay Street, past Cormaria, is Havens Beach.
Cormaria Retreat Center was originally the summer home of real estate developer Frank Havens and how Havens Beach got its name. 
Frank C. Havens' Summer Cottage by Annie Cooper Boyd, 1917
Haven's Beach by Ben Fenske
oil 10" x 28"
Along the beach, a number of boats emblazoned with They appear to be a Swedish company.  I'll have to find out how they ended up here at Havens.
Haven's Beach by Casey Chalem Anderson
oil 11" x 14"
Sag Harbor Yacht Yard link here


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