Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mica Marder Show

Art by Mica Marder is on display at the Silas Marder Gallery.
Mica's works are stunning. He exquisitely assembles collected materials into piscine shapes. I highly recommend seeing this show before the gallery closes for the winter December 20th.
Dogskull Blackfish, 2015
Mixed media on board
49 1/4" x 97 1/4"
Ulua, 2015
Mixed media on board
54 1/2" x 121" 
My favorite work was the Sea Bass.
I could stare at it for hours, up close and from afar.
Sea Bass, 2015
Mixed media on wood board
54" x 157 1/2"
Flucke, 2015
Mixed media, 48" x 96 1/4"
I would love to visit Mica's studio and see how he creates these beauties.
Blackfish #2, 2015
Mixed Media
49 1/2" x 97 1/2"
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Marders garden center shop is currently offering honey harvested by Josie and Mica Marder from their hives in Springs, East Hampton. Honey jar labels hand written by Josie. Such a creative couple!
 Josie on Instagram @jozie_beee


  1. Love how the inside resembles a ship..very interesting and unique work certainly live in a town that suits you to a t:)

  2. The gallery is a wonderful space.Thanks M!


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