Sunday, December 6, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree

Once the Christmas tree is up at Rockefeller Center, preparations at home begin in earnest.
Marders has their tree selection neatly arranged with statuary scattered throughout.
Inside, the ornaments remind you to stay focused on the job at hand.

I dragged our tree out of its basement box and set it up yesterday. After years of the tree stand and light detangling war it is easier, though less romantic, to assemble and decorate a pre-lit faux fir. I love seeing the decorations again, remembering the stories behind each ornament. My first ornaments, the gold glass balls from the local drugstore, the Christopher Radko church from my sister, the Belleek bells from Mom... Do you put up a real tree?

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  1. We didn't..then we did for years..and for about 7 years now not real...after several years it's starting to lose it's needles too..and the pre-lits..are mostly non-lits..and you wouldn't believe how careful J is with it..

    Gail..for got to a point where Jacques was miz sawing off the bottom..dragging the tree in and out..scratching door frames..not to mention ALL the needles..that I said fine let's do not real..;)
    Why be crabby at Christmas:)
    I do love real though..always will..but then again..I like the tree up for a long much the trucks:)


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