Sunday, January 31, 2016

J. McLaughlin: Travel BFF

 I visited J. Mclaughlin this weekend to thank Nancy and Val.
The ladies of J. McLaughlin Southampton have dressed me well.
Over time, I have collected a number of lovely and easy to care for pieces. Perfect gear for a trip halfway around the world.
When planning for the big Cape Town trip, we decided that we would only travel with carry-on luggage. After travel days we would only be there for six full days. How much clothing would we need for high 80s - 90 degree summer heat? Our cousins assured us that we wouldn't need fancy dress. I rummaged through the summer wardrobe and decided to go with a blue and white theme, mostly acquired at J. Mclaughlin Southampton. This is what I packed.
Sunset Sail - in my J. McLaughin gear.
The only thing about packing light, no room for souvenirs. I traveled 18300 miles and all I brought back was a T-shirt from Kirstenbosch. Ah, but my memories are more precious and carry no weight to register on the airline scale. Memories of this trip will lighten my heart for years to come.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

To Dip a Toe in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans

Our kind cousins agreed to humor our wish to swim in both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. We drove along the scenic shore road to our first swim destination, Fish Hoek Bay, for a swim in the Indian Ocean.
We had heard that Cape Town had sharks, but I was caught off guard by the number of warning signs.
According to the shark spotter's sign at Fish Hoek, the last shark sighting was January 13th. Today is the 18th. The black shark flag is flying. That means visibility is POOR. Hmmm. Lots of people are in the water. Soon we are as well. The water is warm, the surf calm. Our cousins sat on the beach, waiting for us to get out or get eaten. 
Today, Gran wasn't worried about having a swim.  Though recently a woman of 70 and daily swimmer was breakfast for a shark. Oh my.
In case you had forgotten about sharks, another sign by the beach cafe.
We headed west to the Atlantic side, our next swim was at Llandudno.
Beach Traffic.
I loved this mosaic bench at the top of the hill.
The water was noticeably colder on the Atlantic side. Hugh dove through the waves. I went in about waist high. The swim was a brief one. Traveling along the shore road, we were delighted by one spectacular view after another.
Scarborough watching the perfect sets.
Noordhoek was a scene location for the film Ryan's Daughter.
At Camps Bay there is pool enclosed by a stone wall. 
Just in case you find the sharks intimidating.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Cape Town Art

We were in Cape Town City this past Sunday while Bree Street was having a street fair. Of course when I saw the "Art" sign down a side street, I had to go and have a look inside.
An outstanding portrait caught my eye.
Yesterday is Gone by Jimmy Law
oil on canvas
1270mm x 1500mm
Cape Town from Bo Kaap by Karen Wykerd
oil on canvas
130cm x 60cm
I enjoyed seeing what was inspiring the local artists.
Out and about on Bree Street
Girls doing crazy things on a pole.
On the other side of the street a pizza truck with its own oven.
Everyone was out enjoying the afternoon.
G2 Art: link here

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fisherman at False Bay

A flock of seagulls, a line of cars parked along the shoulder of the highway and a crowd of onlookers encouraged us to pull over to the side of the road and check out the action while driving along False Bay. When we got out of the car, we realized that dragnet fisherman were just about to bring in their catch. We gathered with the crowd to watch the action and were not disappointed. 
We step back to see what is inside the net.
Sharks to be thrown back in the ocean.
The sharks wiggle and slip away.
A fisherman engaging the crowd.
Fresh caught fish sold here.
Local artist Penny Steynor caught the beauty and movement of the fishermen at work in her painting Trek Fisherman. I discovered her work at the Constantiaberg Art Society exhibition at Kirstenbosch Gardens. See more of Steynor's work here.
Trek Fishermen by Penny Steynor
Watercolor image via