Friday, January 29, 2016

Cape Town Art

We were in Cape Town City this past Sunday while Bree Street was having a street fair. Of course when I saw the "Art" sign down a side street, I had to go and have a look inside.
An outstanding portrait caught my eye.
Yesterday is Gone by Jimmy Law
oil on canvas
1270mm x 1500mm
Cape Town from Bo Kaap by Karen Wykerd
oil on canvas
130cm x 60cm
I enjoyed seeing what was inspiring the local artists.
Out and about on Bree Street
Girls doing crazy things on a pole.
On the other side of the street a pizza truck with its own oven.
Everyone was out enjoying the afternoon.
G2 Art: link here

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  1. The weather seems aboslutely perfect..great title for that painting..says it all yet open to many interpretations..
    I cannot imagine paing all the buildings on the Cape Town one..
    I love pole dancing!

    (KIDDING:) )

    Oh to be that agile once again..
    Have a great weekend!


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