Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fisherman at False Bay

A flock of seagulls, a line of cars parked along the shoulder of the highway and a crowd of onlookers encouraged us to pull over to the side of the road and check out the action while driving along False Bay. When we got out of the car, we realized that dragnet fisherman were just about to bring in their catch. We gathered with the crowd to watch the action and were not disappointed. 
We step back to see what is inside the net.
Sharks to be thrown back in the ocean.
The sharks wiggle and slip away.
A fisherman engaging the crowd.
Fresh caught fish sold here.
Local artist Penny Steynor caught the beauty and movement of the fishermen at work in her painting Trek Fisherman. I discovered her work at the Constantiaberg Art Society exhibition at Kirstenbosch Gardens. See more of Steynor's work here.
Trek Fishermen by Penny Steynor
Watercolor image via


  1. I would have loved to witness this catch. Beautiful painting by Penny Steynor; I'm on my way to check out her website. If it weren't for the elevations in the background I would have thought this was one of our local beaches. Well, it sort of is, only at the opposite side :)

  2. Yes! The fishermen had everyone involved. It was fun to see.

  3. Oh she captured it perfectl!
    Just watched Big Eyes last night..I liked it.
    What a nasty piece of work WK was.


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