Sunday, January 31, 2016

J. McLaughlin: Travel BFF

 I visited J. Mclaughlin this weekend to thank Nancy and Val.
The ladies of J. McLaughlin Southampton have dressed me well.
Over time, I have collected a number of lovely and easy to care for pieces. Perfect gear for a trip halfway around the world.
When planning for the big Cape Town trip, we decided that we would only travel with carry-on luggage. After travel days we would only be there for six full days. How much clothing would we need for high 80s - 90 degree summer heat? Our cousins assured us that we wouldn't need fancy dress. I rummaged through the summer wardrobe and decided to go with a blue and white theme, mostly acquired at J. Mclaughlin Southampton. This is what I packed.
Sunset Sail - in my J. McLaughin gear.
The only thing about packing light, no room for souvenirs. I traveled 18300 miles and all I brought back was a T-shirt from Kirstenbosch. Ah, but my memories are more precious and carry no weight to register on the airline scale. Memories of this trip will lighten my heart for years to come.


  1. Such a cute post! We may fly to Fl after driving for 100 yrs..I will need lessons:) I have similar blue're such a youngster darling!Cute cute cute!

    1. Thank you M. :) I can't believe that you drive all that way!

  2. Always looking so classic, adorable, and effortlessly put together.


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