Sunday, January 10, 2016

Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson

I finally had a chance to see Alicia G. Longwell's beautifully curated show at the Parrish Art Museum of works by Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson. The exhibit, titled "Seen and Unseen" allows the viewer to compare and contrast the art work of two friends and contemporaries. The Parrish devotes three rooms and an adjoining hall gallery to Freilicher and Wilson's works. The hallway features Freilicher's charcoal drawings and Wilson's watercolors. There are also photograph's by John Jonas Gruen, Wilson's husband and fellow artist, that feature both women as well as their group of bohemian friends. Both artists painted still life, landscapes and portraits throughout their lives. Each of the three galleries is dedicated to a genre and features early and well as later works. The landscapes!  A photograph doesn't capture the magnificence. It was breathtaking to see the collection of huge canvases in the spacious light filled galleries of the Parrish. 
Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson
photograph by Douglas Rodewald 1957
Self-Portrait in  a Mirror by Jane Freilicher
1971, oil on linen
Jane Wilson and Jane Freilicher  
with 1957 Life Magazine featuring Freilicher's work
Photograph Douglas Rodewald image via
Self Portrait - Red Bandana by Jane Wilson
1964, oil on canvas
Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson
Freilicher's painting "Opening Night"
  photograph by Douglas Rodewald 1957 image via
In January of 1957 Coronet Magazine commissioned photographer Douglas Rodewald to chronicle a day in the life of artist and model Jane Wilson. As Wilson's friend, Freilicher is also in many of the photos. Rodewald's photos are a wonderful memoir of their friendship. I've been searching unsuccessfully for an image of Freilicher's painting "Opening Night" depicted here. It looks amazing!
Jane Wilson and Jane Freilicher 
Freilicher's studio in Hoboken, NJ with Freilicher's painting "Opening Night"
Photo by Douglas Rodewald image via
Goldenrod Variations by Jane Freilicher
2000, oil on linen
Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson
photograph by John Jonas Gruen 1962 
Yesterday's Clouds by Jane Wilson
2010, oil on canvas
Mantel Painting: Pink Ribbon by Jane Wilson
1981, oil on canvas
detail of Mantel Painting
Jane Wilson and Jane Freilicher
photograph by John Jonas Gruen
View Over the Pool by Jane Freilicher
1980, oil on canvas
details of View Over the Pool
Jane Wilson, Hal Foudren, Jane Freilicher, Arnold Weinstein, Frank O'Hara, Elaine DeKooning, Naomi Newman, photograph by John Jonas Gruen New York City, 1957 via
Original decoration by Jane Freilicher for the Frank O'Hara Poem
"Poem V (F) W"
In Memory of My Feelings:
A Selection of Poems by Frank O'Hara 1967
Original decoration by Jane Wilson
for the Frank O'Hara poem, "Ode"
In Memory of My Feelings:
A Selection of Poems by Frank O'Hara 1967
photograph by John Jonas Gruen
Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson: Seen and Unseen is at the Parrish Art Museum until January 18th.
If you are unable to get to the show the museum has published hardcover exhibition catalogue available through the museum shop.
Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson: Seen and Unseen - Parrish Art
The Divergent Styles of Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson - NY Times
Jane E'er: Wilson and Freilicher Ascendant - East Hampton Star
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  1. Yu woud have loved my mother and you would love my frined nancy..she does not miss an art exhibit in Mtl..
    I am wondering if you have the bok Hawthorne On Painting?It sounds like it was written for you:)
    Have you ever done a self-portrait?
    Would be lovely to see...

    1. I don't have that book, thanks! I will check it out. I have not done a self portrait. Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. How fascinating. I would love to see this show. I love the topic of friendships between artists. And one of those photos shows they were part of a large community of artist and writers. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Thanks, Sunday. you definitely would have loved this show.


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