Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Peconic Bay Walk

So many perfect light colored stones. In the movie Somethings Gotta Give, Diane Keaton gathers perfectly smooth white stones along the beach and displays them in in bowls and apothecary jars on the tables and shelves of her beautiful beach house. When I saw her gathering them in the movie along the ocean I thought, "No, you find those stones along the bay, hardly ever at the ocean." Ahhh, but a stroll along the ocean is much better cinema, at least in this case! The film's beautiful house on Meadow Lane in Southampton was as much of a star in the movie as its actors and an inspiration to decorators. I have my own bowl of keepsakes from various walks along Peconic Bay.
Slipper snail shells in great profusion
Bay scallop shells and more.
Bright violet berries along the path nearby draw the eye.
Gorgeous color. I had never seen these before.
Could it be the perfectly named Beautyberry?
I always feel lighter after a walk here.


  1. Loved the her..your walk..the stones..the house:)
    Doesn't look like winter at all!

  2. All of the berries are gone now, the birds have devoured them. The temps have dropped. We've had our first little snow flurry. The beach is still beautiful, though a bit more brisk!


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