Saturday, January 2, 2016

Peggy Guggenheim Art Addict

Definitely a VINTAGE venue for film viewing.
I was psyched to see the new documentary about Peggy Guggenheim.
Peggy Guggenheim Art Addict presents the biography of the fascinating Peggy Guggenheim. Director and producer Lisa Immordino Vreeland mines a lost interview with Peggy Guggenheim to add emotion and nuance to the history of the intriguing vanguard of modern art. Guggenheim essentially narrates her own story in this film. The collection of historic photographs, film footage and interviews wonderfully enhance her story. The film's subheading is, "It's all about art and love". The line between Guggenheim's love of art and the artist that creates the work often blurs, making the narrative of her life all the more engrossing.
Peggy Guggenheim 1942
Guggenheim was at the forefront of so much of what makes the art world what it is today. I was especially impressed by Guggenheim's Art of this Century Gallery which she opened in Manhattan in 1942 and ran until 1947. No art gallery had ever displayed art in this format. Guggenheim allowed  Frederick Keisler to design the gallery as an interactive art experience. It was a first never to be repeated to this day. The video footage of this gallery is amazing to see. 
Art of This Century Gallery 1942 - 1947

We planned for a theater line and arrived early. Too early it turned out, but that allowed time for us to enjoy a visit to Sagtown Coffee for a pre-movie cappuccino and sweet. Sagtown Coffee is just off Main Street up a quaint alleyway. A perfect cozy spot for a delicious cuppa.
Back at the movie theater.
 American Gothic selfie
Definitely put this film on your "must see" list.


  1. I love where you live..I keep telling you..when we moved to the area 40 yrs ago..we had a cinema like was turned into a vegetable store..and now house a sports/hot tub place..
    I miss the old days..looks like a fu outing..everything is just so darn the different from your plein air one;)


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