Sunday, January 24, 2016

Table Mountain, Cape Town

Table Mountain overlooks the city of Cape Town and is the city's most prominent landmark. A natural wonder, Table Mountain offers dramatic vistas that are legendary. We were glad to have a calm, clear day for our visit. On the way to the cableway station I was amazed by the number of runners, hikers and cyclists that we passed on the steep roadway. Hearty souls reside here.
For the adventurous with no fear of heights, Abseil Africa will harness you up to rappel down the 1000 meter/3280 foot drop. What a business concept!

Plenty of photo opportunities, I was waiting for someone to go over the edge with a selfie stick.
I'll take the cableway down please.
I couldn't resist taking a photo.
"Braai" rhymes with cry and is the local term for BBQ.
Table Mountain
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  1. From breathtaking Table Mountain to the culinary vocabulary vernacular......sounds like it was a fun day! I consider you adventurous; I wouldn't even be able to handle a cableway.

    1. It was amazing. I was not one of those leaning over the edge!

  2. I had no fear of heights when I was I do..
    Your photos are so clear and crisp and nice to see things we are not accustomed to isn't it?


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