Monday, January 25, 2016

The Cape Winelands

We were staying in wine country, so what could we do?
Pear, walnut and gorgonzola salad 
Close Malverne shares some of their recipes here
Strawberry Delight and a lot of wine glasses
Vergelegen Estate was one of the most beautiful places that I've ever been. Mind blowing fields of agapanthus with a cloud covered mountain backdrop, gorgeous! We toured the historic buildings there as well as the wine cellar (which was counterintuitively located at the top of a hill). We actually didn't drink any wine during our visit, but enjoyed a bottle (or two) at our cousin's home - A nice accompaniment to the backyard braii. Another afternoon was spent enjoying an amazing steak lunch at Rust en Vrede, which translates rest and peace. We laughed because at first we thought our server said, rest IN peace. Eating a big steak for lunch in the South African summer heat was probably tempting fate but, if we had died at that moment we would have departed in a state of bliss. The final winery visit was a multi course lunch at Clos Malverne. I have never done anything like this, the food and wine was delicious and a wonderful treat. We are so, SO lucky we were able to do this. Thank you dearest cousins!


  1. Yu ook as happy as you're always happy but I can feel how wonderful this fantastic trip was for you..Wineries..scenery good food..5 stars..I see some photos you two could paint!

  2. I spy so many hydrangeas, you sure you weren't in the Hamptons...This looks absolutely stunning.


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