Monday, February 15, 2016

February Freeze

Old Town Pond
Old Town Road
Gin Lane 
Flying Point
Town Pond East Hampton
Below freezing temperatures kept us mostly indoors this long weekend. The wind was whipping at Flying Point. I could see where winter storms had taken their toll on the shoreline. Blue sky, clouds and snow were a striking backdrop for Gin Lane mansions. 10 Fahrenheit (-12 Celsius), good weather for being indoors with a book. Children were skating on one side of East Hampton's town pond as swans enjoyed a sliver of water yet unfrozen on that same pond. We visited an art show in Springs. While chatting with a couple of the artists, Hugh offered up that we were artists too. They were so kind to share painting stories.  I had to laugh when one said,"Everyone out here is either an artist or a writer, Hollywood or Wall Street." An interesting mix, for sure.


  1. I love Flying Point..I am familiar with it now:)
    I see your quintessential blues and whites:)
    We are lucky to have husbands who thought of offering flowers to us;)
    WE had that freeze..the last 3 and it feels like I live in a snowglobe looking out back w/ the soft snow falling gently and twirling.
    Must be quite an eclectic mix sure is pretty enough to attract everyone!


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