Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine's Bling

The Gardiner Windmill is beautiful in the snow.
In East Hampton at Golden Eagle Artist Supply. Outside cool temperatures and hues, inside a warm rainbow of color. 
A case filled with heart adorned boxes draws the eye.
Bling Boxes by Michael Weisman
Artist Michael Weisman holding one of his creations.
Weisman depicts a Girl Group with jewels and paint.
I was fortunate to meet Artist Michael Weisman at Golden Eagle this weekend. His blinged-out beautiful work is scattered throughout the shop. I loved seeing his pop-infused portraits, cards and boxes. If you can't make it to East Hampton you can also find his work on Etsy. Perfect for Valentine's Day!



  1. His work is so lovely!
    Gail..I LOVE that shot of the windmill..beautiful!

  2. That first photo is beautiful! What fun Valentine's day gifts those would be! Happy Valentine's day!


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