Saturday, March 5, 2016

Frank R. Sofo: Artist, Author and Illustrator

This weekend I visited Frank Sofo's studio in the Springs. My main purpose was to pick up copies of his Veronica books for my niece, but I was also looking forward to seeing his studio. Once there, I witnessed a treasure trove of color. Beautiful work! Frank kindly allowed me to photograph both his studio and himself without advance warning. 
Fine artist Frank Sofo has written and illustrated a series of three children's books featuring Veronica the cat and her adventures with Van Gogh, Monet and other famous artists. The books are charming and the illustrations are amazing. Every illustration is from an original oil painting, many of them still available and on view in Frank's studio. 
Paintings from the Veronica books.
I love Sofo's version of Van Gogh's bedroom at Arles with the sleeping Veronica. An inspirational book of Van Gogh's works lay in the studio nearby next to a jar of collected beach glass.
Most of Frank Sofo's books are only available directly from him. To purchase his wonderful books contact Frank via his website here or via his Starry Night Studios Facebook page here. Hopefully the books will receive a much deserved wider distribution some time in the future.
Angel of the Sea by Frank R. Sofo 
Sofo is also a painter of Hampton's scenes such as the iconic lifeguard stand at Main Beach, East Hampton. Thank you Frank for sharing your studio and your time with me.


  1. Thanks for sharing. My 7 year old nephew, who just completed a series of painting classes, would probably enjoy Sofo's books. By the way, did you get to see the children's exhibit at the Parrish Art Museum? I met up with Gail Toma there last week; we enjoyed it very much.

  2. Linda, Sadly I did not get to see that exhibit at the Parrish. I love that you met Gail Toma there. She is the best!

  3. He looks so nice also! What talent.I can imagine that I would not have wanted to leave his colorful studio..Beautiful!
    And that last one is in a different way of course..fantastic.

  4. What wonderful illustrations! So full of life and color!


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