Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sag Harbor Walking Tours

I was walking around Sag Harbor on Saturday admiring the beautiful old homes along Main Street. As I strolled along, I was struggling to recall each home's history. Thanks to the Sag Harbor Partnership, I was able to look on the walking tour app and instantly gratify my curiosity. Similar to a museum tour, you can use the app to take an app guided tour, or in my case, just look something up that you had forgotten from your last walkabout. Artist April Gornik designed the app's breaching whale logo and is also behind the scenes creating tours for the app to showcase Sag Harbor's vibrant history.
A few topics on the Working Sag Harbor Tour 
On the app:

So many Sag Harbor beauties. Looking down, I see a beautiful plaque with crown and doves embedded in the grass.
Marjorie Marie Brinkley and Donald Alan Brinkley are the parents of Christie Brinkley. This dear plaque is at the foot of an American Elm planted in their memory along Main Street. The quote on the plaque resonates and makes me smile. "I Love it Here!"
For more information about the Sag Harbor walking tour app go to the Sag Harbor Partnership site here

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  1. The air must be good for skin there..:) Look at you and Christie:)
    Beautiful homes..I am always attracted to beautiful homes..that tombstone is so sweet.


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