Sunday, April 17, 2016

East Hampton Windmills and Daffodils

The Hook Mill is in the heart of East Hampton.
Its prominence creates a focal point and guiding landmark.
The Old Bridge Over Hook Pond by Thomas Moran 1907
The Village has grown around the mill. Taller trees, homes and storefronts obscuring the mill's grandeur. Up close it still towers against the sky.
The Pantigo Mill is tucked behind the Home Sweet Home Museum
The old house next to the Gardiner windmill is empty with an abandoned air. I peeked through the window to see a dusty and crumbling interior. On the exterior, the peeling shutters with their windmill cutouts are still charming. A post card that I discovered provides a clue to the home's long history. The image on the card is described as the "South End Windmill and Summer Home of Percy Moran". Member of the well known family of artists, Percy Moran may have summered here, but the home is part of the original Gardiner homestead. The property had been passed down by generations of the Gardiner family since the Village's founding in the 1600s until its recent sale to the town of East Hampton. How amazing is that? 
Girl with Two Baskets of Flowers
Edward Percy Moran (1862 - 1935)
oil on canvas 7 7/8 x 5 7/8
Parrish Art Museum Collection
The Gardiner Family plot is across from the homestead.
I was at Wittendale's Florist and looked up in time to see this fellow tricycling along with his dog.

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