Sunday, May 8, 2016

East End Collected2

 East End Collected2, a multi-artist show curated by artist Paton Miller opened at the Southampton Arts Center this weekend.
The Southampton Arts Center has a beautiful light filled gallery.
Ball and Chain by Charles Waller
mixed media
Charles Waller's Ball and Chain caught my gaze from across the gallery. Upon closer inspection, the ball of the ball and chain is a wedding dress. Waller has done a wedding dress inspired mixed media series that you can check out called the Bridal Suite here.
East End Collected is a showcase of works collected by local residents from the artistic community that they support. 
Hadiva, 2001 by Angela Errico
Patinated Terra cotta
Assorted Tea Cups and Cakes by Monica Banks
2014 and 2015, porcelain
The Yard, 2007-2012 by Gary Hartman
Wesnofske Farm by Barbara Thomas
oil on board
Eight Faces by Toinette Gay
oil on canvas board
Mower Man by Dennis Snyder 
oil on canvas
Tigers Drift, 2011 by Melinda Hackett
oil on canvas
Sea of Turmoil, 2015 by Dalton Portella
oil and gravel on canvas
Racing Coats by Henry Koehler
oil on canvas
Man on a Small Island, 2011 by Adam Straus
oil on canvas
Blue Icarus, 2016 by Jon Mulhern
acrylic ink on canvas
East End Collected2
Curated by Paton Miller
May 5 - June 12
Go HERE for full artist list and more.
The outer walls of the Grosvenor Atterbury designed Art Center are studded with framed frescos of Madonna and Child. What are their histories? Where they collected by Samuel Parrish, or are they souvenirs of European tours donated by local families when they became passe`. I think of my own mother as a walk past the many icons.
Wishing a blessing for all mothers, especially this weekend.


  1. Pretty place..

    art is so personal so unique..

    interesting to see..the teacup w/ the birds:)

  2. I love the teacups & cakes! Miss you xxoo.


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