Saturday, May 28, 2016


Inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes I forget to look. Sometimes in the looking I am overwhelmed. Information overload is a hazard. The Hamptons always inspire, the beauty of the landscape is ever changing, constant. A core inspiration is closer to home. I am deeply inspired by family and friends.
Floral Study by Judi Dutcher
My sister-in-law has been posting a pastel a day on Instagram. Did I know that she has ever done pastel? No! She is a secret artist. Her comment, "I couldn't afford the art that I liked, so I decided to make my own" is telling. Beautiful work. She is an inspiration. 
At a local shop, during down time, a friend there was embroidering the lower edge of a black skirt with flowers. What! She drew the flower pattern free hand in chalk and was using thread and ribbon to compose a painting on fabric. Another secret artist.
I was thinking of my nephew who is an impetuous doodler and coloring book artist as I took the red sharpie to white canvas and doodled the red section of The Tanster's rainbow project at the Springs School Art Fair. The Tanster was funny calling me her "ringer" but I felt more like I was a student at her feet, learning how to let the art energy flow. It has been forever since I've doodled. I couldn't stop until red was complete. "If you don't know where to start, just draw a circle." Who knew? More inspiration. 
My niece requested to take her easel outside. Another inspiration.
Visiting the recent show at the Southampton Arts Center and wandering through the sculpture garden of Roman Emperor busts, I had a vision. I could picture street art in this place. During an earlier visit, I viewed the Tanster's street art nearby. Being here again inspired the creation of a digital homage to the rainbow colored work of the Tanster. Lately, I have been stuck, unable to start a new art work. Could doodling on Procreate help me to loosen up?
JMW Turner image via
Hugh brought home a catalog from the Turner whaling painting show. I quickly sketched my version on the iPad.
A photo from our visit to the New York Botanical Gardens of a man incongruously in a bowler hat fascinated me. How would this scene have looked in the early 1900s? I reimagined the crowd in digital paint.
Mom has recently been finishing a bunch of her "UFO"s. Quilter's slang for Un-Finished Objects. She is another inspiration. Unfinished work is another obstacle frustrating the process of beginning anew. I visit the studio and see things that in my mind aren't complete. I am stuck. This week an inspiration hit. Use the Procreate app to experiment and try out changes before actually taking paint to brush. A painting that I began years ago of a friends' barns is the first one I tackle. I like being able to experiment digitally before putting paint on canvas. I forget that warming up is also part of the process. Time to learn how to draw a tractor and decide its scale.
Sunday Taylor at Ciao Domenica got me thinking about what and who inspires. Her beautiful photographs and wonderful writing are a treat. Monique at La Table De Nana is also an inspiration. Coincidentally, she recently posted a photo of one of her grandsons painting en plein air. A kindred spirit finding inspiration at home among family.  I am thankful for family and friends for all of their inspiration. I am grateful to live in this beautiful place and am especially grateful for those who served our country who we honor this Memorial Day weekend. Best wishes for a lovely one everyone!


  1. What a beautiful very deep post. Of course you were my ringer. There are no mistakes, just let it dry, sand and paint it over if you're not happy with it. When you're happy, you're done and next. You're a great person.

  2. Oh what a sweet post.
    Gratitude is such a huge part of happiness.It's also be grateful we feel things deeply..and everything becomes inspiring.
    You inspire me..that is so interesting the Procreate..and I love the one w/ the men in really makes the work from a different time.
    Your mom's stars and stipes on your table♥
    Going to see your sister's work:)


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