Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tight Lines

A friend asked me to visit Tight Lines Tackle on Bay Street to pick up a Bubba Blade for his fisherman son.
I had driven past the Sag Harbor Yacht Yard, but never really explored. Tight Lines Tackle is tucked along the boat lined pathway towards the water front. I am so glad that I stopped in. This shop is a true gem. 
Tight Lines is an extravaganza of fishing gear.
Great music playing and a friendly and enthusiastic proprietor.
I haven't really been fishing since the days of going with Dad for sunnies in the land of 10,000 lakes, but when I walked into Tight Lines, my first thought was, "Wow, this place is great." The variety of gear was overwhelming, I didn't know where to look first. The owner, Ken Morse, helped me get exactly what my friend had sent me there for and then we got to chatting. If it pertains to stalking denizens of the deep, Ken can fit you out. Gazing at all of the gear, I had visions of harvesting my dinner. Fresh clams with my linguine.
Ken Morse
Ken Morse has a degree in ecology with an emphasis in marine biology. Ken is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and gives detailed lessons on the usage of any equipment purchased in the store. “A better educated and equipped fisherman has more potential to have a successful day on the water than one who isn't." Ken says. "It is important that our customers, beginner or experienced, feel that their needs are being met and they're well prepared for a great day of fishing." via  
Hauling In by Scott Hewett
24" x 36" acrylic on canvas
I hope to come back to paint the boat yard. Painting fishermen casting into the surf is another subject I would like to try. A favorite painting is a mural by Scott Hewett on the wall of Serene Green farm stand of a bayman hauling in his catch. East End artist Hewett has obviously spent plenty of time at local shores. Could this be me? Now I know how to get started, see Ken Morse at Tight Lines!
Bayman for Serene Green Farm Stand by Scott Hewett
38" x 60" acylic on canvas


  1. Reminds me very much of a shop like that in son-in-law loves to fish with his boys..and Caroline and I went on our own one similar:)
    And then seeing all this reminds of that Montauk show..The Affair..

    Hope you do paint a fishing scene!

  2. Gail, I loved visiting this shop with you! And as always, love seeing the art from this area. Enjoy your weekend, it must be lovely there right now!


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