Sunday, June 5, 2016

Heavenly Thoughts

Up the winding staircase is a Masonic Lodge. For possibly the first time ever, the Sag Harbor Wamponamon Chapter held an open house. As I ascended heavenwards, I thought back to my High School days as a Job's Daughter, the Masonic organization for girls. It seems weird to me now, but back then it was kind of like a quasi-religious girl scouts.
John Capello artist and lodge member painted the mural in the lodge's meeting room.
There was no evidence of Job's Daughters in the lodge, but I did find evidence of the adult women's organization, the Order of the Eastern Star. In a cabinet at the back of the meeting room balcony was the crown of a Worthy Matron. In "Jobies" the Honored Queen had a similarly lovely crown and presided over our meetings. I was the only keyboardist in the Bethel so became musician forever and was never to hope for the throne of Honored Queen. I can probably still play To A Wild Rose in my sleep. Yes, I still have crown envy. 
When initiated into Job's Daughters I was told that as a member of a secret organization we had a secret handbook bound in purple linen, a secret password and hand shake. The password was Patience, Faith, Reward. We were a deadly secret organization! 
Job's Daughters image via

In the Lodge Library, a treasure trove of history.
Portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Halsey
Coincidentally, we saw the ribald, irreverent Book of Mormon this week.  I was struck by the irony of similar prosceniums. 

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