Sunday, June 26, 2016

North Sea Farms en Plein Air

A cloud of dust indicates a red tractor at work.
Eggs, poultry, fruit and vegetables. 
Fresh picked lettuces. Local Strawberries.

An essential part of the community, North Sea Farms has been owned and operated by the King family since the 1940s. What isn't grown on site is sourced through a network of community growers. A continuous selection of fresh lettuces come from the field out back. Fresh raspberries are being picked right now. Next week there will be corn harvested in Riverhead. Artisanal cheeses come from Mecox Bay Dairy. Of course there are baked goods from Tate's Bake Shop founded by Kathleen King.  Named for her father, Tate's chocolate chip cookies are legendary. 

Herbs and beautiful flowers for patio pots.

Finally. A visit with painting gear.
photo by Hugh Gallagher
I was serenaded by hens. The clucking and cackling sounded like laughter. It gave me a better understanding of the phrase "hen party".
Beautiful Day.
1060 Noyack Rd, Southampton, NY 11968
(631) 283-0735
Beloved father, farmer and community icon, Richard 'Tate' King passed away 
on June 29th at the age of 90.  He will bemissed by all. 
Tribute from 27East here.


  1. Great farm, great photos, Gail. So much you can paint from there! Love the '65 eggs laid while you wait'! Did you buy up big?

  2. You have a great eye! I love that place..seeing you and waiting while my eggs are being laid!
    You're so brave to set up in public..of course if I painted like you..I may be out every day:)


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