Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ann Lombardo: Art Going Rogue

Along a winding road on the way to Southampton a sign says "Art Sale". I look, but blow past the white tent before I know it. A big truck in the rearview mirror cautions me from braking. I drive along a bit further and think, "I should go back, I probably won't come this way again today." I turn around and go back. Ann Lombardo is going rogue, offering her paintings for sale. Not in a gallery, not in a show, just right here right now, on the side of the road.
I'm so glad that I stopped. I have admired Ann's work previously at the Guild Hall member's show. It was so nice to meet her and see more of her work. Who would have thought!? 
I couldn't resist buying one.
Go here for Ann's website
Back home, Ann's still life of fishing lures fits right in.


  1. What a good call with turning your car around! I've done both, seized the moment, and let opportunities slip my fingers on my steering wheel.

  2. I love serendipitous moments like that!
    Looks great!

  3. Dear Gail, What a positive and complimentary piece you have written! I don't know what I'm most happy about- meeting a kindred spirit artist, having this wonderful blog piece, selling one of my paintings or gladly adding you to our local art group, Thirty Squared! Honestly, this kind of happy upbeat stuff makes me so very very grateful. Thank you!

  4. Ann is a wonderful, talented artist! How nice of you to be present and enjoy the experience!


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