Wednesday, July 6, 2016


July 4th in Southampton is all about Community.
Everyone works together to create a celebration.
A feeling of fellowship and good will abounds.
The Maple Street neighborhood hosts the parade line up.
Southampton Animal Shelter participants made welcome.
Cars are decorated, floats get into position.
The artist known as the Tanster invited me to drive one of her rainbow cars in Southampton's July 4th Parade. (I have written about the Tanster previously here and here.) I hadn't been in a parade since marching with my alto sax in high school band. Some would say, "Why?" I say, "Why not?!" Of course, I didn't figure on the getting to the parade early part when I made my decision. As it turned out, hanging out on Maple Street for a couple of hours before the parade was one of the best parts of the day. We were all there together to celebrate the day. A community gathering.
The Tanster began the Gemeinschaft Projekt asking the question, "What would happen if art is placed randomly in public places?" The community responded in multiple ways. Some stalked and hoarded, others were grateful for the gift of discovered art and wanted to give back. In response to those wanting to give back to the community Tanster partnered with the Coalition for Women's Cancers at Southampton Hospital to fund raise.  Interaction with the community and love of Napoleonic history has inspired much of her work which has transformed over time to include the rainbow cars. When asked, "Why the rainbow?" She replies, "A rainbow never hurt anyone."
James introducing one of Tanster's pomeranians to a curious parade participant.
Three rainbow cars, community art on parade.
 The best thing was hearing children say, "OOO, rainbow cars!"
The kids loved them. One little guy got absolutely giddy.
A few thumbs up and cheers from adults.
A few older kids said, "WHERE'S the CANDY!"
Too cute. I should have brought candy.
Some video of the parade here
The Largest 4th of July Parade on All of Long Island!
The parade begins at Railroad Plaza, continuing down North Main Street, Main Street, Jobs Lane, with the review stand at Monument Square at Agawam Park. Contributions always appreciated and needed. Make checks payable to: CVO, PO Box 1234, Southampton, NY more information here I bet you will find a lot better photos of the parade on Facebook and google. Enjoy!


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