Saturday, July 9, 2016

Shelter Island

We were inspired to explore Shelter Island. 
Smith Cove near the old ferry landing.
The preserve would take weeks to fully explore.
A road seldom travelled.
Crescent Beach
I think the windmill is a water pump.
Shelter Island has the feel of childhood summer, unspoiled by adult pretensions. Though we visited on an overcast day, kids were trouping down to the beach undeterred.  Camp sites and cottages are more common than shops and restaurants, though there are a few of those too. I wonder if some Hampton residents also have summer cottages on Shelter Island. 
While on the departing ferry a sea plane passed overhead. 


  1. I see a lot of paintings!
    Beautiful Gail.

    1. Yes! We were looking for painting sites. It was a mostly monochromatic day so the reds in the landscape really popped. I felt like we were in another era...


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