Sunday, August 21, 2016

Farm Stand Love

Serene Green and North Sea Farms are two of the many beautiful farm stands that I am spoiled by and fortunate to have in the Hamptons. The petite Serene Green never fails to wow with its gorgeous display of seasonal flowers in buckets out front. It is also the best place to get fresh seafood in Sag Harbor.  My sweet niece came for a visit recently and the first place we visited on Saturday morning was North Sea Farms. She was charmed by the immediate greeting of a resident barn cat and soon learned that sticking a bare finger into the chicken pen would result in a non-injurious peck. We picked up fresh eggs for the next day's breakfast and vegetables for supper. In a neighborhood known for high stakes real estate investing, I am so lucky that I can still buy locally grown food. Thank you farmers!

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  1. A sweet visitor you had,
    I agree so fortunate to eat locally grown food.
    So lucky to even have food and all this beauty around us.


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