Thursday, August 18, 2016

Plein Air Munn Point

Munn Point by Hugh Gallagher
oil on canvas 8" x 16"
Munn Point by Gail Gallagher
oil on canvas 8" x 16"
We finally got out to Munn Point with our easels and paints. Deciding which view to capture is always the most difficult part. Hugh and I both chose the view towards the boardwalk and osprey nest. Each time I go out painting I wonder if I will remember how to do it. I haven't gotten my art to feel like a routine yet, I guess there is some good in that.
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  1. I love when you both paint and we get to see both..panorama canvases are so nice.And that boardwalk!

  2. Thank you Monique! You would love this spot.


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