Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ghost Hampton

I recently read Ghost Hampton by Ken McGorry. The plot revolves around a haunted Hamptons house.
We do have haunted houses in the Hamptons, or at least ones that look haunted.
This old house in the Sag Harbor historic district has been the subject of disputes and fraud for years. It stands, just barely, right next door to the John Jermain Memorial Library. Years ago the library tried to buy it to incorporate it into its renovation. Now the town just wants it gone.
In McGorry's book, a derelict property is set to be demolished when the main character sees a vision of a ghost there with a warning. The tale includes quirky characters and plot twists in the style of Carl Hiaasen. It was a page turner and guilty pleasure. I especially enjoyed the local references and had no problem picturing a haunted Hamptons house.


  1. Who owns it?

    We have a haunted resto here..super popular super beautiful..but the tale is tall and often told!:)
    I have read books w/ local names etc and I love that too.

  2. Hey Gail -- thanks! I'll be in Sag this coming week touring the area with an architect friend who knows old structures. (For my book's sequel)


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