Sunday, October 2, 2016

To the Lighthouse

It has been nearly a year since my last visit to the Cedar Island Lighthouse. Attentive to my latest obsession, Hugh picked up a lighthouse history book for me which I am just beginning. It is a wonderful read so far. As for my own book project, I am on the second version of the Cedar Island Light book and there will be a third. New photographs from my latest visit need to be included.
 The view from the overlook towards Cedar Point was more breathtaking than I had recalled.
I walked the sand pathway created by the Great Hurricane of 1938, the storm that turned Cedar Island into Cedar Point Peninsula. I am not familiar with all of my pines, but perhaps these are cedars.
I could see swirls of sailboats.
As I step over a rise in the dunes, the lighthouse appears.
Sails floating by on either side.
Simply stunning.
I try to imagine the view of elegant tall ships entering Sag Harbor in the 1800s.
It is hoped that the lighthouse will be restored and utilized as a Bed and Breakfast. Proceeds from its rental will pay for maintenance. I can picture this solitary escape to another time. It would be an extremely unique and secluded spot in the busy Hamptons landscape, a jewel in the crown of our National Parks system.
Dreamy. An artist's garret.
There are many whelk shells along the beach, This one is freshly washed ashore. I throw it back before it becomes a seagull snack. I was curious about the horseshoe crab, but its appearance, that of an ancient mysterious being, gave me pause and I left it alone.
Roads less traveled.
This humble forest preserve lodge is where you check in to get a map and inquire about camp sites. 


  1. What a passion you have..and a beautiful one..I agree a B and B would be fantastic there..Fab pics Gail..always.

  2. Your photos are stunning. I didn't know you were working on a book project. How exciting! Would love to hear more about it. xx


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