Sunday, November 27, 2016

Artist Alliance in Sag Harbor

Visitors to Marine Park are normally drawn to the water view.
Instead, the view towards Bay Street, across from the marina, is memorialized in paint by Russian artist Victor Butko, one of four Russian artists painting in the United States for the first time currently featured at Grenning Gallery.
Marine Park by Victor Butko
oil on canvas 23.75 x 31.5" 
Grenning Gallery's current exhibition, the Russian-American Painting Alliance, showcases weeks of work painting en plein air in Maine and Sag Harbor by a circle of artist friends that originally became acquainted in Russia. The artists produced 15 - 50 paintings each of Maine and Sag Harbor scenes. In order to display this daunting number of works fresh off their easels, Laura Grenning leased additional gallery space on Madison Street to showcase the incredible group of paintings. The Sag Harbor pieces I've chosen to feature here are a small selection of an amazingly fruitful painting collaboration.
In 2013 the Museum of Landscape in Plyos, Russia invited Italy to their annual plein air painting exhibition and cultural exchange. The Russians reached out to the Florence Academy for Italian artists. It turned out that most of the plein air artists at the Florence Academy were Americans. These Americans and a few Italians travelled to Plyos, a town that was made famous by the Russian artist Isaak Levitan, to paint. The artists bonded over painting, bad weather and possibly vodka. With Ben Fenske's urging and guidance, four of the Russian artists travelled here this fall. The culmination of the Russian-American Painting Alliance's first U.S. collaboration is currently on view at Grenning Gallery.
The Civil War Monument, is passed by mostly unremarked at the crossroads of Madison and Main Streets. Oleg Zhuralev captures the scene with fresh perspective in lively colors. 
Sag Harbor, Civil War Monument by Oleg Zhuralev
oil 18" x 24"
Il Cappuccino by Irina Rybakova
oil on canvas 25.5 x 35.5"
Irina Rybakova, Victor Butko, Ben Fenske
Main Street Morning by Tim McGuire
oil on canvas 28 x 24" 
Tim McGuire
photo by Lynn Park Charveriat via
Ben Fenske
Main Street by Ben Fenske
 oil on canvas 31.5 x 25.5" image via
Ben Fenske, Victor Butko, Tim McGuire
Sag Harbor Cinema by Carl Brezke
oil 11 x 14" image via
The Russians
The Americans
Stapleton Kearns
Jesse Powell
Exhibition details here
To read more about the artists's painting trip in Maine and how the original painting trip to Russia came about, see the links below by Leo Mancini-Hresko and Marc Dalessio. Amazing!


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